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AP Program Civilized, Enterprising, Realistic, Innovative
In order to give full play to the advantage of foreign languages of the School, be the first to realize education and teaching geared to international standards, explore the new modes and practices of senior high school curriculum reform, and cultivate the students into international talents who have international perspective, thoroughly understand international rules and are able to participate in international affairs and competition, we have introduced the international course and set up an USA AP Courses Experimental Class.

Our AP Courses Experimental Class has been planned since October 2009. The first USA AP Courses Experimental Class was opened on February 3, 2010. There were two classes and 57 students in total (in the third year of senior high school, 15 students of the first AP Courses Experimental Class ended their study at our school earlier and studied in USA as they participated in the Sino- USA Student Exchange Program). In the first AP Courses Experimental Class, 39 students applied to foreign universities, in which, 38 applied to universities in USA and 1 applied to University of Waterloo. Not only 100% of them were admitted, but also 19 students were enrolled by top 30 comprehensive universities or top 30 national schools of arts and sciences in USA; many were enrolled by the top famous Cornell University (one of the Ivy League Universities), Rice University, University of Washington, University of California-Berkeley, etc.

In the second USA AP Courses Experimental Class, all 64 students were enrolled by famous foreign universities. So far, they have received 377 offers from 114 foreign famous universities, such as Columbia University, Stanford University, University of Chicago, etc. In which, the student Luo Yu alone received the letters of admission from 15 famous universities in USA, such as University of California-Berkeley, etc. Nearly half of the students were enrolled by famous universities in USA which are among top 30 universities in USA; more than 70%, by top 50 colleges and universities in USA; 100%, by top 75 colleges and universities in USA. Furthermore, a number of students got decent scholarship from the colleges or universities. (According to incomplete statistics, the total amount of scholarship got has been up to USD 1.857 million so far.) It's worth mentioning that a student in our AP Class applied in the second year of senior high school and obtained the letters of admission from two famous universities in USA. Even better, after they have passed 3-6 AP Courses, and the credits earned from the AP Courses can set off against university credits, thus, when they study in the colleges or universities in USA, they can be exempted from some courses, shorten credit hours, skip a grade, save tuition fees, get scholarship, etc.

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