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Shenzhen Foreign Languages School, founded in 1990, with distinct characteristics of foreign languages, is a key school directly under Shenzhen Municipal Education Bureau, First-grade School of Guangdong Province, National Model Senior High School of Guangdong Province, Advanced Collective of Guangdong Province, Civilized Unit of Guangdong Province, Model Civilized Unit of Shenzhen Municipality, council member of National Foreign Language School Seminar, National Experimental School of Modern Education Technology established by the Ministry of Education, National Model School Managed by Law, and one of the first batch of 13 foreign languages schools in China that can recommend 20% of senior high school graduates for admission to key universities.

The school teaches 6 foreign languages, including English, Japanese, French, German, Russian and Spanish, and is one of the few foreign languages schools teaching several foreign languages in China. The students may take a second foreign language as an elective course during their study at the School in order to lay a solid foundation of languages for going global in future.

Since its foundation, the School has set the Goal of Running the School of “Quality, Featured, Modern”, has been insisting on the road of “Establishing the school with ethics, managing the school by laws, making the school powerful with features, and prospering the school based on scientific research”, and has set the management philosophy of “People first, students’ development foremost”. We implement quality-oriented education, focus on cultivating more international high-quality talents who develop in an all-around way and who have the strong point of foreign languages.

The senior high school is located near Wutong Mountain on the bank of Yantian Port in Yantian District, Shenzhen, with hills behind and the sea in front, beautiful scenery, and quiet environment. The new campus set up with an investment of more than RMB 200 million has an area of 130,000 m2 and a building area of more than 60,000 m2, and can accommodate 60 classes of more than 3000 students.

We have complete advanced teaching facilities and equipment. All classrooms are equipped with computers and multimedia teaching platforms, and the campus net is networked with other departments of the School. We have a well-stocked library, reading rooms and electronic reading rooms of more than 7,300 m2 in area, adequate physics, chemistry and biology labs as well as complete sports facilities.

The senior high school has a team of dedicated famous teachers with excellent professional ethics, reasonable structure, professional proficiency and innovative awareness, including 5 special-grade teachers, 1106 senior teachers, 83 intermediate teachers, and 9 foreign teachers. Since the foundation of the School in 1990, total 128 teachers were awarded national, provincial or municipal honorable titles. Nineteen teachers were appraised as Famous Teachers of Shenzhen.

By insisting on the Philosophy of Running the School of “Students’ development foremost”, with the talent cultivation mode of “Cultivating the strong point of foreign languages and promoting the integrated development of students”, we have cultivated many high-quality talents who develop in an all-around way and who are good at foreign languages. The scores of college entrance examinations came out top in Shenzhen over the years, with the rate of enrollment to colleges and universities of 100% for 16 years in a row, and both the rate of enrollment to key universities and the rate of enrollment to universities being among the best in Shenzhen. In the college entrance examinations in the past 16 years, 8 students of the School got the highest score in Guangdong Province, and 9, in Shenzhen. In which, the student Xie Bo got the highest score in the examinations of scientific subjects in Guangdong Province in 2004; Xiao Fei ranked first place in respect of total score of Politics (X subjects) in Guangdong Province in 2007; Xiao Mingchuan got the highest score in the History examination in Guangdong Province in 2007; Li Dixin got the highest score in the examinations of scientific subjects in Shenzhen in 2007; Liu Ruoyi got the highest score in the examinations of scientific subjects in Guangdong Province in 2009; and Zhang Ying got the highest score in the integrated science examination in Guangdong Province in 2010. Our students won the first prize in the National Middle School Students Oral English Competition, the first prize in the National Senior High School Students Japanese Speech Competition, the special award in the Asian-Pacific Middle School Students English Competition, the first prize of special award (championship) in the 9th 21st Century Cup National Middle School Students English Speech Competition, and the first prize in the national middle school students mathematics, physics and biology competitions, etc. Every year, there were students who pursued advanced studies in famous universities, such as Peking University, Tsinghua University, Fudan University, Zhejiang University, Beijing Foreign Studies University, etc. We have established relations of friendly cooperation in school running with the schools in USA, Canada, Australia, France, UK, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Italy, Finland, etc., and we communicate and visit each other. Our graduates are distributed in 11 countries/regions. We entered into the Green Path agreement with University of Toronto in 2006, in accordance with which, our excellent graduates may directly enter UT. In which, 27, 45, 50 and 18 graduates entered UT through the Green Path in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 respectively, and in 2010, 80% of the students were entitled to the co-op program. On January 18, 2009, we entered into the USA Public Senior High School Student Exchange Program with TLI, USA. So far, 112 students have signed a contract with TLI and studied in USA. In 2010, we set up the USA AP Courses for students intending to take up advanced studies in USA. By now, nearly 500 students were admitted to such top universities as Harvard University, University of California-Berkeley, etc. after examination.

At the 20th school anniversary, Wang Rong, Secretary of Shenzhen Municipal Committee of the CPC, sent a letter of congratulation to us in which he spoke highly of our achievements and praised that “Shenzhen Foreign Languages School has made wonders of self-development in the past 20 years, and has become an icon of strong city of education of Shenzhen.”

In the letter of congratulation, Luo Weiqi from Department of Education of Guangdong Province praised that the School “in the past 20 years has been following the tide of reform and opening-up, bold in putting things into practice and always the first; has been carrying out the Philosophy of Running the School of “People first, harmonious development”, actively exploring the school development mode of “Quality, Featured, Modern”, and implementing quality-oriented education; has made remarkable achievements in running the school, achieved great-leap-forward development, and become a banner of featured school running of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone.”

The Ministry of Education also sent a letter of congratulation to us in which they commended that the School “advances with the times, innovates, and actively explores and implements educational and teaching reform; has formed the distinct feature of school running and good school spirit, cultivated a lot of excellent talents for our country, and earned widespread acclaim.”

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